H B Pitt of Trowbridge to return

by | 18 Mar 2023

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H.B. Pitt to return to Trowbridge

We are excited to announce that we have bought the lease on the historic shop at 7 Silver Street, Trowbridge that has been known as “Pitt’s Of Trowbridge”. The shop is currently being fitted out and will become a Garden Shop selling a wide range of gardening products and house plants.

We will keep you updated with progress and announce the opening date soon.

In the meantime, our sister business, The Nursery, Marsh Road, Hilperton Marsh, is fully operational and gearing up for a busy Easter with lots of fresh, new stock.

So visit the Nursery now and come along to look at our new shop when it opens



Matthew Webb, Professional Horticulturalist & owner of The Nursery, Hilperton

Matthew Webb is a professional horticulturist who owns ‘H B Pitts Garden Shop’ in Trowbridge and ‘The Nursery’ Garden Centre at Hilperton. He built the business from scratch and loves his job, his staff and his customers. Plants are his passion and he adores growing, nurturing and knowing as much as possible about them and then passing on his expert knowledge to staff and customers.

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